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The American National Standards Institute has compiled a list of standards that improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce cost.

ISO 9000 Quality Management
ISO 14000 Environmental Management
AWS ARE-12:2001 - Economics of Welding and Cutting
ISO/IEC 27001 and 27002 IT Security Techniques Package
ISO 28000 - Supply Chain Security Management Systems Package
ISO 10005 / 10006 / 10007 - Quality Management Systems Package
ISO 10014:2006 - Guidelines for realizing financial and economic benefits
ISO/IEC - 27001 / 27002 / 27005 / 27006 IT Security Techniques Package
MTS 2008:1 - Creating Economic Stimulus while Stopping Climate Credit Risk/Irreversibility
ASTM E2204-05e1 - Guide for Summarizing the Economic Impacts of Building-Related Projects
SEMI E79-1106 - Specification for Definition and Measurement of Equipment Productivity
ASTM E2620-08 - Standard Classification for Program and Project Estimate Summaries
ISO 15663-3:2001 - Petroleum and natural gas industries -
Life-cycle costing - Part 3: Implementation guidelines
AGA F60198 - Analysis of the Impact of Industry Restructuring on Electricity Prices
ASTM E2013- 06 - Standard Practice for Constructing FAST Diagrams and
Performing Function Analysis During Value Analysis Study
ASTM E964-06e1 - Standard Practice for Measuring Benefit-to-Cost and
Savings-to-Investment Ratios for Buildings and Building Systems
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ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards.
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ISO 9001 Quality management systems requirements
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