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About Us
SavingsHeadquarters .ca has been on our minds for a long time. There just wasn’t an easy way to save money out there. Most coupon and savings sites that we found, ended up being a dead link, or filled with expired and useless coupons. In this way our frustration lead to the incubation of this great site.

Slowly the ball started rolling and we decided enough is enough, so we built savingsheadquarters.ca finally bringing together our love for great stuff and love for finding great deals.

We hope you have fun checking out all the great deals and coupons on our site. We are sure that you will find all you need, if there is something that you would like to add just let us know and we will track that coupon or coupon code for you. After all that is what our Agent Savers are for, so use them.  Contact us and save, look around and save.

We at savingsheadquarters.ca wish you all the best, and remember what we say here at our office: “Why pay full price when saving feels so nice?”

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